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    Newmarket Local History Society - Committee Members (from 18th April 2019)

    Chair - Sandra Easom
    Vice-Chair - vacant
    Secretary - Abigael Brand
    Data Protection Officer - t.b.a.
    Treasurer - Christy Argyroudi
    Committee Members - Joan Shaw, David Staff, Kathy Staff and David Rippington

    Other supporters (non-committee members)
    Webmaster & Researcher - Tony Pringle

    1.....Title:- The title shall be "Newmarket Local History Society"

    a) To promote and encourage interest in, and knowledge of, Newmarket and surrounding area and to research and record its history.
    b) To ensure the correct recording and safe keeping of archive material in consultation with County Local History Council and Record Offices.
    c) Meet with other local history groups to exchange views and to promote the ideals of local history.
    d) To form a nucleus of people with an informed knowledge of the town and its people.
    e) To encourage individuals or small groups in their research.

    a) Membership shall be open to all on payment of an annual subscription. The rates of subscriptions shall be reviewed yearly by the committee and agreed by members at the Annual General Meeting.
    b) Members will be entitled to receive notice of all activities of the Society and to attend and vote at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meetings.
    c) Existing membership is renewable at the October meeting or within 4 weeks of that date. Membership shall be deemed to have lapsed if subscriptions have not been renewed within that period and only one reminder will be sent.
    d) The Committee may recommend honorary membership, such recommendations to be made at the Annual General Meeting.
    e) Non-members may attend meetings on payment of an admission fee.

    a) Honorary Officers:
    i) The Honorary Officers of the Society shall be the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
    ii) The Committee may appoint such others as may be necessary for the Society's administration.
    b) Committee:
    i) The Committee shall consist of the Honorary Officers and one member who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

    5.....Meetings and Activities
    a) General Interest Meetings
    The Committee shall prepare and publish a programme which promotes and encourages an interest in local history by talks, published articles and visiting places of interest.
    b) Annual General Meeting
    The Annual General Meeting shall be held for the election of Officers, review of the past year's activities and forthcoming events. The date of the Annual General Meeting shall be notified to all members at least twenty one days in advance.
    c) Committee Meetings
    i) The Committee shall meet as often as is necessary to ensure the smooth running of the Society.
    ii) Three members, including the Chairman, shall constitute a quorum.

    a) The finances of the Society shall be managed by the Honorary Treasure with the help and advice of the Committee.
    b) Society funds may be used for :
    i) Administrative expenses.
    ii) The payment of speakers fees and expenses.
    c) In the event of the Society being dissolved any monies remaining after the settlement of outstanding accounts will be distributed among causes that accord with the aims of the Society.

    7.....Amendments to the Constitution
    This Constitution may be altered by addition, recision or amendment only with the sanction of the members at an Annual General Meeting and then only if two thirds majority of those voting are in agreement.

    Dated 19th April 1994

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