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We're based in... Newmarket... Suffolk... England, the historic horse-racing town associated with 'The Sport of Kings' from the time of King James I in the early 17th century.

Site last updated November 24th 2015 - Correspondence, Website changes (see below), Britain's first twin-engined jet plane (see the RAF in wartime Newmarket from Index below), NLHS Programme of Events 2015-16 (see below).

The Society meets every third Tuesday of the month from September to April at 7.30 pm at The Stable, High Street Newmarket (unless otherwise noted) when we have a visiting speaker. During the summer months (except August) we usually arrange trips to local places of historic interest.


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Not surprisingly Newmarket High Street has been the subject of many photographs since the early days of photography.
This one, dated circa 1905, is from the Roger Newman postcard collection and shows a period when horse transport was soon to give way to the motor car.

What's New

October 20th 2015. From Rodney Vincent, NLHS webmaster.
I have been running this website for something like 13 years during which time it has grown in size and content and now contains much archival material about Newmarket's past. It has also become the main communication channel between the Society and the public.
My internet host for the website has now announced that it is due to be closed down by its parent company, Plusnet. Unfortunately Plusnet do not host websites so in order to maintain the site the hosting will have to be transferred to a new server. This will probably mean that the internet identity (URL) of the site www.newmarketlhs.org.uk will have to change.
I now feel that this is the time to hand over to a new webmaster who hopefully will be able to maintain the best features of the site and take it forward with new ideas.
The decision about a future webmaster will rest with the NLHS committee and if anyone has an interest in taking it on they are encouraged to get in touch with NLHS Chair Sandra Easom, or any member of the committee.